Surprises in the Mail

Well today is much slower for me. No wonder when I feel like I have ran and ran all week. College Girl's baby sister spent the night with us last night. She would just yell and scream when her sissy would try and leave her at home. So we were happy to accommodate her and have her as a guest a little longer. So this morning she joined us on our breakfast outing. Afterwards CG and I took some food out to Dear Hubby since his eating has dropped off. I then needed to get to Mary's Bed and Bath to open up for her. And we also picked up some food too. When I returned home at lunch time then it was put up food and flop down to do my post.

So like I said a lot slower today. No I did not get to Curves yet but will try this afternoon. I did have a wonderful surprise from my best and oldest, dearest friend. She sent us a gift from Omaha Steak Company. WOW! We have Ahi Tuna, stir fry veggies, rice and Apricot Mango Wasabi Sauce. There was also some sirloin burgers in it too! I was amazed. I can not wait to call her this evening and tell her thank you. Isn't it wonderful to get surprises in the mail!!!!!


  1. That was a wonderful surprise! I love getting surprises in the mail too, it makes my day. :)

  2. okay my mouth is watering... i dont know what to do abotu dinenr LOLOLOL


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