Looking for Help for a C D

Well I do not know much about how computers run. I have said many times I am a CD-Computer Dummy. But I do know what I would love to have. That being a program or company that could access my computer and fix any problems it may have. Like why does it run so slow. AAARRRUUUUGGGHHHH!

As usual I do a lot of web crawling looking for products, items and great deals. Today I found just what I want. Proxy Networks that has remote access software so they can access my computer and fix what it needs. What a dream come true! Now this is really for companies. But if it is there for companies then it may not be long before it is here for the rest of us.

Proxy Networks is software that allows one computer to access or control another computer through the Internet. This is so they can troubleshoot, access files or data and collaborate with a their team. Again this is a business-oriented service that helps with function and security. It helps that there is 256-bit encryption which is the the highest in its class.

Well I do wonder when this will be available for the home computer. Of course we have some pretty screwed up computers out there. So it may be too much to manage with us CD's.


  1. When we signed up for Verizon Internet and had problems with it, the customer service rep must have used a proxy network! It was the strangest thing EVER. You could sit back and watch your monitor as the mouse whizzed by, clicking on this or that... as letters appeared in fields and YOU DID NOT DO A DAMN THING. It was all the Customer Service Rep doing all that from his computer but actually fixing mine. I swear, it was like watching a ghost work on the computer. It was actually pretty creepy.

  2. I used to think I was really computer savvy, and I probably once was--technology advanced way too quickly though--and now I'm in the dark.

    Thank you for your prayers...it means a lot, and I appreciate the fact that you shared knowledge about my dad's condition and what to expect... it did make things easier. :)

  3. As much as I use the computer don't ask me to fix it. I found a local man who makes house calls. And now once a year I give him my computer to clean while we are away on vacation.


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