Here is another quickie.

Never thought you would get a quickie out of me huh? LOL!

Ok, diet, exercise, clean and more.
Cousin made it to a room out of ICU last night and bullied his way home today? I don't know how!

Tomorrow, kids to school, roommate to work, check on cousin, then....
some how work out,
keep diet,
see if cuz needs to go to Temple to VA doctor?
Finish laundry for Mary's B & B.
Do more laundry here,
Still need to put up all of CG's stuff from dorm room.

Juls, pray for me to have energy please.
Nessa thanks for helping me stay on track.
CG thanks for helping me out so much.

READERS, THANK YOU for sticking around when I am so behind in checking out everyone's blogs!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Praying for energy...check!

    :) hang in there!

  2. If you can get *clean* in there, that's doing really well.

    Good vibes to you from me :-)


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