Breaking Out All Over

Well this is my new plan for weight loss. I have to do something and do it now. I can not keep going up and up and up in weight.

So daily I plan on tracking all I eat at:
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This is a free site where you can record all your food, water and exercise. It will show how many calories you have taken in and how many you have burned too!

And attending my Curves workout 3-5 times a week too!
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As many of you already know, I am attending Curves through the Silver Sneakers program so it is free for me!

I have ordered Alli to help me with "burning" the fat off. They should be in within a week.
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This will be new for me. I ordered 120 pills for under $50 by shopping around online. Free shipping too!

And with my Doctors help I should be starting Symlin shots next week too!

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Symlin is also new to me. It is a shot that is used with diabetics. They have found it helps in weight loss without messing with your sugar levels if your not diabetic.

So for all to hear today,
I am 45 years old
5' 5" tall
and weigh in at
259 lbs.

Yes, I gave my weight to everyone!
Now it is up to me to reduce that number.
My goal?
160 lbs in a year.

Do you think I can do it?

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  1. Hey Lynette let me know how the Alli works for you. I've always wanted to try, but heard strange stories about it... If you eat greasy food you get sick because thats how it works? I don't know if thats true.


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