All Dressed Up & Ready to Go!

Well this is the last week for CG to be at school. As a matter of fact I get to pick her up tomorrow! YEAH!

This last week has been busy with finals but the fun spot was banquet for theater. CG looked all around for a dress to fit the theme of Out of the Jungle. Of course many girls were dressed as "wild cats". CG finally found a dress she liked that was declared to be the jungle night sky. LOL

We looked online for formal dresses. And came up with this number.

Thanks to for the pictures.

We thought it would accent CG's curves and long lean look. Of course this model has much more on top than CG has. But we loved the shimmery Sapphire blue of the halter top matched with the darker blue on the bottom. Just like a late evening sky over the jungle. CG loved being all dressed up with her hair done. And of course the formal dress was perfect for her special night out.

We did find dresses that had the "jungle" theme. But they were not long like CG wanted to have. I bet they would have looked good though.

A wild cat would be in this number.

I wonder if this Zebra print would be "horsing" around?

And of course we love the beautiful wild plants of the jungle.

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