On the Road Again!

Lovely lovelies, I am taking a moment out. Typing and eating some toast as I missed breakfast. My poor "Steve" dog is going out of his mind because my mom's "Baby Doll" dog is in heat. LOL We put the lil' dog in a baby play pen and she is safe from being molested for now. CG had to go back to campus today. She is being a tour guide in 1920's costume. She so has the figure for it. My mom is trying to nap, she drove to Abilene and back last night---left at midnight and home by 4 a.m. She is so tuckered. That is the 4th trip to Abilene and back this week. WHEW! I am about to go and exercise, late today as I went to check on Cuz this morning. Then off to clean the bed and bath. Next----take the whinning out of this dog! LOL No not really but it is tempting. Worse than a teenage boy scouting the halls at school.


  1. wow you sound as busy as i am!!! hope you have a wonderful weekend and the special mother's day you deserve!!! xox... annie

  2. How is your cousin doing?

  3. I have always wondered... is there a whiner in my dog I can remove...heehee.


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