Stabbing Needles in Me!

Thanks for you help and information from my bloggy friends. I am taking in around 1730 calories a day. Yesterday I did so much work! And I pray for my strength to hold out.

Okay today I went to the doctors office. And I have started the Symlin shots today also. Not as scary as I thought it would be. Oh ate a meal afterwards (as I am suppose to do) and feel so so so full now. I see how it works. It slows down how you digestion system works so you feel fuller faster and longer. Symlin also helps you pancreas on how much glucose is released when you eat and how much insulin your liver produces.

And I have one lil gripe. Last month at Curves and last week at the Doctor's I weighed 257 lbs. OUCH! Yesterday at Curves I weighed 262 lbs (a 5 lb gain!!!!!) and today at the Doctor's office I weighed 252 lbs (a 2 lb loss??). So who is right?????? I wanna say the doctors office!

Well what secrets do y'all have on weight loss?


  1. always go with the lower number when it comes to weight. That is my rule! :) I've never heard of symlin?!?

  2. I have never heard of Symlin, I am going to check it out on the net. I am determined to lose some weight this summer. I have been trying to MOVE.... more than I usually do, So far I have mowed the yard today and I am going to hit the treadmill in about 5 min.. I would like to do a couple of miles will be lucky if I do one.
    I think the best thing to do with the scales and the weight is too pick one and use that one for all your weigh in's...
    Haha, me giving advice on weight. If anyone out there wants to know how to gain weight give them my name and number. I can hook them up.
    Good luck to you, Take Care of yourself.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love reading your comments. Green Thumb?? we shall see.

  3. ALWAYS go with the lower number!!! best of luck to you on your weight loss quest! the angel blog is :)

  4. You know, not all scales are created equal or maintained equal or set on exactly the same place to begin with. One scale may be set 5 pounds higher than the other. What I would do... would be to follow the same scale you weighted yourself with... every time. No scale hopping, because that will drive you crazy.

    I *think* I weight the same as you, but I don't know because I refuse to get on a weight scale. I have not gotten on one in like 10 years, and judging from the way my clothes fit and all that, I am guessing I am about the same weight as you. Have you tried Alli? What is it like?

  5. doctor scales are going to be more accurate. if i were you, i'd keep an eye on what the curves scale say. maybe they figure that will make you keep staying in their program.


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