Thrown by the Holidays

Well the last two days have totally thrown off my diet and schedule.
I am working hard but need to constant that does not change.
Curves has been closed for 3 days now and that plays havoc with my exercise.
Saturday, CG and I walked on the local high school track and again tonight.
So that helps.

Glad tomorrow gets things back to normal.
Oh a lil weight gain as end of last week which had totally thrown me.
Then my "AUNT FLOW" showed up so I know where it came from.
Glad of that as it had me really upset til then.

So tomorrow back to Curves, regular scheduled meals, meds and working at cleaning for Mary's Bed & Bath.
Also back to sweeping the house, laundry, dishes and cooking and cleaning for meals.
I am so ready!


  1. I haven't joined Curves been trying to do this at home on my own. I am fortunate that I have a treadmill upstairs.
    I was lucky last night and one of "My Boys" called and we walked the Track at our local school. We only walked a mile.. but hey better than nothing.
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Good luck for the week ahead. I grabbed you button. So I will be returning often


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