Pulled out her Green Thumb

My mom is a great gardener. She has a green thumb and can grow almost anything. I kill plants just by looking at 'em. Well my luck is that my mom takes care of all the flowers, herbs and veggies we have accumulated around our large front porch. She has recently replanted some radishes from the garden across the street. Just popped them in the dirt with a lil water and away she goes.

So I like to find her fun things to add to her array of plants and planters. Recently I came across some lil rubber lizards that actually hold plants to stakes. You just wrap their little legs around the plant stalk and stake and they hold it all up. Our friends were having coffee on the front porch and got all excited about the lizards we had there. Then mom told them they were always there. Amazed our friends wanted to know how we kept them around. Mom giggled as she said she just wrapped their little legs together and they could not get away. Aghast that she would do that they started to protest. Mom giggled again as she had to explain the lizards were not real. It was funny to see they had thought they were.

Well most of y'all know my mom loves to sew and has her own etsy show. (See side bar on left of page.) Well I think these decorative planters would be perfect for her. What do you think?

They seem just right to me. I know that it is always fun to find just the right kind of outdoor planter for her. For I know it will be filled with something green and growing in no time at all.

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  1. Those planters are adorable. Very very cute. I love gardening, planting, playing in the dirt. I would rather be out playing in the dirt then inside cleaning and doing laundry anyday.


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