Run, Run, Fast as you Can

Replica of a human hamster wheel, used in the 1700s to 'put the sick person back on the right track'. From the Glore Psychiatric Museum.

There are days that you just go and go and go.
I wonder how sometimes we can be on the run all day long yet not sure as to what it was all for.

Well today was that for me.
I have been on the go since 6:30 am and did not stop til 9:00 pm.
Yet I feel like I have not exercised enough nor pushed my body to do it's best.

Yeah, I know that it takes energy to do errands and chores.
But I feel like I should be out walking or doing some sort of exercise too.
I know I am falling behind on getting my water in and that is making me run down.

Do you ever feel like that?
Like your working at something all day long but not doing what needs to be done.
Yet, your not sure what it is that needs to be done?
Ok, too confusing--huh?

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  1. oh i know all about life on the hamster wheel - just do the best you can with what you have to work with. have you thought about a pedometer? the kind that counts your steps? i got one and used it one day when i was much more active than i am now and i was amazed at how far i walked in the course of a day...


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