The Midas Touch

Midas had the golden touch.
He could turn anything into gold.
And that became his curse.

But with today's economy it sure would come in handy.
To have the ability to go and sell that gold would help.
I know that it is hard for almost everybody right now.
But some people may have just that Midas touch.

I bet someone out there may have a gold coin or two that could bring them in a lil fortune.
And you can check out what coins are worth by popping over to this gold site.
You have heard of places that buy gold right?
Well you also can sell your silver too.

Of course you have to have it.
So check in your attic or grandma's old coin collection.
You just may be sitting on a little treasure yourself.

1 comment:

  1. I couldn't sell if it had belong to my grandmother or any other family member.. Don't really have to worry about it.. Don't have it. Its a lovely thought to be able to turn things into Gold.


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