Summer Togs

Well with weight loss comes new clothes. No, No, I am not there yet. But I was asked today if I had thought about that as a reward for myself.
They say that when you hit a goal you should thank yourself for all your hard work.
And I was asked if I had thought about the dreaded "bathing suit".

Gosh, No Way!
I have a long way to go before I step out in a bathing suit.
I love to swim, but not publicly. And I have not been to the lake in years. Even though we have one not 15 miles away from us. I would be so scared to show my large expanse of white thighs and red sunburned back.
But it would be nice to eventually look into.

I did find a place that gives me a guide as to what I might want to look for in a bathing suit. And it is really helpful. Pop in here and see that it will tell you about covering up large hips or supporting ample chest. It tells you how to hide problem areas and still accent your good parts. Wow don't we all need that!

I also found where I can see what is "IN" this summer. Giving me top picks in women's summer fashion. I know that we all want to look good while still staying on a budget. That works by knowing what you are looking for before you shop. So take the time to learn if you may be wanting a new summer look.

Maybe a new outfit would be fitting as a personal "Way to go, Girlfriend" when I have lost 30 to 50 pounds. If so I know I am going to make sure it is the right style for me and still way "chic".

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  1. have you heard about mrs smartypants, i think thats her name? shes from the flylady site and she really helped me get my clothing act togehter!!!


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