Winning to Lose

Hello my fellow bloggers. How is the world treating your today?
I am doing well. Working hard at working hard.
And I am still nursing the sunburn on my upper back.
But 17 1bs loss so far. So still making progress.

Today I am going back out to my Cuz's place. The one with the heart problems.
He has open heart surgery scheduled on June 8th.
In the meantime he is doing his own "Wild Hogs" road trip.
Him and a couple of other veterans are riding down to Gulfport Mississippi for a Harley rally.
So today I am going to his place to find out what all we need to help with his veggie garden.
And getting to feed "Boss Dog".
So over the weekend we should reap the benefits of his hard work.
He said please pick the veggies that are ready and take them home to eat.
That will be helpful with my diet.

If anyone is interested Curves has a special going on right now.
Sign up fee is 1/2 off with the first month free.
So your start up fee would be around $90.00 and include your first month.
Then just a lil over $30.00 a month.
So that is right at $1.00 a day in cost.
So this may help be you incentive for a summer workout program.
Of course if you have Silver Sneakers with your Part D Medicare plan then Curves is free.

Also I found a great deal for Alli.
Alli Weight-Loss Aid, Orlistat 60mg Capsules, 120-Count Refill Pack
$62.99 $44.29
Eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping.
That is 2 months worth if you take 2 capsules a day.
And only .67 cents a day on cost.

Combine the Curves special with the Alli special and you could pay for it with what a diet soda cost a day. Hummm, I don't think giving up a diet soda for a way to lose weight.
I know finally something is working out for me.
Good luck for you too if your working in this area.

If you don't have to,
Yipee! for you.
How wonderful for those who are blessed with great figures.


  1. Lynette, Wonderful job on the losing of the 17 pounds. You are giving me inspiration. I really really need to do something about this weight issue.. Its times, past time.. but I need to get serious..
    Have a wonderful day, Can't wait to hear what wonderful goodies you reap from the garden.

  2. you are a real inspiration! best of luck on your continuing loss... have fun this weekend and don't overdo!! xox...annie


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