It's Raining It's Pouring

Thanks for the photo to pochacco20

Well we had a great time last night. The Scotts saw how CRAZEE it can become here. And of course we had to play some hand n' foot. Macie Mae was my partner and we came in second place. My mom and Nessa whooped up on all of us. And poor Big Daddy (and he is big) and Juls were pulling up on last place. But they had fun from all I can tell.
I had to make sure that everything was in place but then I thinnnk things went off without much of a hitch. Sad to say they had to leave early as Big Daddy was called in to work. So this morning after eating grandmas's waffles they had to do the five hour drive back home. Then Big Daddy has to drive all the way from Lubbock area to Pecos Texas. That is a whole days drive. I feel he will be so tuckered out.

We did our best sending them off with homemade purses for the girls, a new bar b que apron and chefs hat for big daddy and some 3 white chicks wine from our Comanche Brennan Vinyards (along with a wine glass) for Juls. I am sad to see they did not get to stay for the Ms. Clariol House Party but Juls said she would send me pics after her hair is done.

Meanwhile, we are doing a bar b que in the drizzle of rain that has started here today. Chicken, steaks, pork chops, eggplant and cabbage all on the grill. Nessa is doing a macaroni salad and grape saled too! My Dear Hubby will be surprised because his daughter and our grand babies are on their way here too! And
Dear Hubby's son is also coming in from the Army.
DH does not know he is coming and I know will freak out to see him.
I will try and have Nessa get pics for us of DH and his tears!

I am still looking forward to a great day here.
Sorry the Scotts will not be here to enjoy our full Crazee day of
Hair coloring, bar b que, family reunion activities.

Y'all have a fun weekend.


  1. WOW...Sounds like great fun! It's so cool that Juls and her family came to visit. : ) Oh...When is your Clairol Party? We had ours today.. lots of fun,will post pictures later.


  2. Thank you a gazillion times for your kindness. I'm sad that we had to leave, and missed out on the party & more yummy food.

  3. What a great week end! Hope DH has a wonderful time with his son. What an awesome surprise.


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