Busy as a Bee

thanks to http://d21c.com/tas/mtag3/m75_busy_as_a_b.jpg for the picture

Well I have been going all day. And humming right along. Today is the day that I get to meet Juls from Every Day is a CRAZEE Day.
Juls and her family of Big Daddy, Mae & Hannah are motoring on down as I type. I have fixed up the bedroom for them. We have some home made gifts for the girls and Big Daddy from my mom's etsy store.
There is also a bath time basket there for Juls. We have notes welcoming them along with Werther's Chocolates from Nessa's House Party.

Tonight we plan on enjoying a simple dinner of chips and sandwiches. Also hope to get up a mean game of Hand n' Foot.
I have citronella candles burning to ward off the Texas 'skiters. Music is playing as I keep changing the cd's. And I think I just heard my Dear Hubby pull up in the backyard along with College Girl.

So gotta go! Have a great weekend!


  1. have a great weekend!

  2. Cool, you get to meet a blogging pal?? Have fun, Lynette!


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