Life's Lemons make an Award

And Leslie at Live, Love, Laugh with Leslie was a dear to pass on the Lemonade Award to me. Alas, as before I am slow to post. I will catch up again one day! LOL

Well we all know the saying. If life gives you lemons the make lemonade. And heck, set up a stand and make a lil money to pay a bill or too while your at it. We bloggers know how to look at the silver lining and figure out how to make it look good when it is copper penny. Taking the silver to make ends meet too!

I want to pass this award on with a lil different twist. I want to find out how you make "lemonade" from your problems. And give us a frugal tip too. Yes you, YOU again!

So I make "lemonade" out of my issues by:
1. Laughing at my mental illness. My favorite cup says "Of all the things I miss, I miss my mind the most!"
2. Using my OCD to help me clean my house, keeping things in order makes me feel good and my house run easier too!
3. I try to always think the best of a person. Now that was try.

And my frugal tip?
1. Don't buy the "Swiffer" pads. Use an old towel instead with some cleaner sprayed on. You can wash this and reuse it. I also find old socks are great here.
2. Do not use throw away items when you can use items that are reused. Like paper towels, plastic silverware or paper plates. That is money in the trash instead of your pocket.
3. Keep the large to go cups and do refills at the convenience stores. They are cheaper.

OK your turn.

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  1. you are so right about the swiffer pads!! i really like my swiffer stick but i use old towels and tshirts and they work great!!!


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