Making Myself into a Masterpiece

There is a site that will put your photo to canvas so you can have a beautiful professional "painting" for your walls. My grandparents had done this with their photo before. It is so beautiful and does come across as if the photo is a painting. I have seen this done on a small scale but would love to see it as a sofa size photo. Have you ever done this?

Well, most people have the same ol' same ol' look. But I love to have something different. Have you ever seen a Lichtestein or a Pop Art style photo? I love these two styles. Pop Art looks like a Warhol print and Lichtenstein is like a comic book style. And I could get one of my photos to look like that!
Well I would like to do one like that since I adore bright colorful things. Just ask Juls at Crazee Scotts, she has seen my place.

So I was trying to decide which photo I would do in one of these styles. Help me decide!

Me being introspective? This is dull in black and white. But would look good with color of a Pop Art style.

My bright cheerful self, but hate the phone in my hands! Wonder if they could omit that? And the wrinkles on my forehead too!

Or a family favorite of me as a Spoon Sucker. Long story but this does show my Crazed personality.

Let me know which you would pick. And which style too!
Go and look at the photo on canvas site to figure out what you would like.


  1. lol ..I love the spoon sucker photo!
    I think you should use the cheerful one though. BTW I love you hair color. I 'm a red head too. : )

  2. I like the cheerful one, but I think it would be better without the phone.


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