Stop the Presses

OK, OK! I can breath a little better today. I don't know how but my Latin Lady was led to believe her boyfriend was honestly at deaths door this weekend. Time to call in the executrix and the sort. This morning we meet with his main doctor (you know how they all have so many) to discuss the life ending issues.


He told us a much different story. Continue with treatment, some dialysis, and we should see a marked improvement in a few days to a week. Now he is still quite serious in his illness. But not so that we are to start looking at what to do to allow him to leave us. And a very good chance of a full recovery.

What a head spin this was. I am still going to stay here with my friend til next Monday. She is all alone with this issue going on. No family in the area and her boyfriend does not have any either. Going to work on organizing (I can do that) her house and some school stuff. Also make sure she is eating and resting too. I feel she is in for a long haul for this illness. Will not be surprised if I come back up within a month either.

In the meantime please keep praying and sending good will for this man and my Latin Lady. I also would not mind a little myself. Y'all have a blessed day too!


  1. prayers, happy thoughts and distance reiki on their way... hope you're holding up and know you are missed! xoxox.... annie

  2. I was praying for some relief for you and your friend...Here's to things getting better and better. Big hugs to all of you!

  3. Hang in there!

    Sending prayers your way, Lynette.

  4. I am praying for you and everyone involved. YOu are such a good person/friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This says a lot about you!

  5. What a good friend you are! We all need to be friends like this....and have them! Prayers are being lifted!


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