Shaking my Bootie

Well y'all know I have been exercising more. Doing a 3 times a week circuit workout. I am amazed that I can do short burst of "jogging" but can not handle it on the road. Too hard on my knees with the RA. I had a chance to look at some elliptical machines. I think that they would help with the "shock asorbers" that my knees would need. Have you used one? It seems that I could have a good walking workout with one.

I would not mind having a treadmill or exercise bike available. Of course I would have to have some room at home too! I guess we all do what we can to keep healthy. Eating right. Or the Angle way as Annie says. And if we can move around some more than it will help too.

Personally I have to say my motto "Let's dance" is a good way to start. If you can use these different machines to help you. But what ever you do always find a way to move around every day. I know I am still keeping my joints greased up. How about YOU?

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  1. I need to move more during the day-or snack less :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog from SITS! Nice to meet you. Have a great weekend!


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