I WON--Really I Did!

Did I tell you I won a House Party?
Really I did!
I applied to be a "hostess" and then entered for the
Clairol Color Connection House Party.
And I WON!

So on May 2nd there will be ladies here getting all kinds of new shades of hair. I will be taking photos of before and after. And they should be fun since I plan on having wine here for our "relaxation station". I will make sure to post some of the pics here too.

Do you know what else? Me and six of my guests will have the chance to (win so we can) walk the celebrity red carpet and attend The 36th Annual People’s Choice Awards while staying at a luxurious hotel. Could you imagine that. Oh I would swoon if I was that lucky? LOL You could see me take photos of the people taking photos.


  1. Congratulations!! Reminds me I need to do my roots haha!

  2. YAY, how fun!!! Congrats!

  3. No way, how fun. I need to do my roots so badly right now!!!!!! Can't wait to see pictures....

  4. That's great! I also was selected to host a Clairol House Party on May 2nd. I can't wait!!!


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