CG checking out the Beach

CG is working on finding a summer theater internship. She loves doing the tech work. Building sets, making costumes, lighting and sound design. Currently she is learning makeup design.

Ghosts and Legends Theatre in Myrtle Beach has a very interesting show. CG is looking at internship there. Most have a small pay but not much. So earning more income or finding housing is important. Myrtle Beach Hotels are some of the ideas that the group is looking at. Also finding part time positions at Myrtle Beach Resorts in exchange for housing and food. There are ideas of how to approach from the leaders in the department.

I am not sure how to look at it myself. I have never had CG far from me. But this is part of what she will have to do to earn her degree. And she is getting old enough to start spreading those wings. I wonder if there is room for me at the Myrtle Beach Resort?


  1. hey do you know deb errr soxy deb? she lives in myrtle beach maybe she can give some pointers?

  2. ....oh my... I am not looking forward to my kids getting a life of their own..even though I hope they do "get a life" of their own..does that make sense.?! Sounds like a really, really cool opportunity for CG..can't wait to see how it goes!

  3. Myrtle Beach is a fun place, and there are real houses very close that are available to rent for the locals.

    You should visit her! I am about three hours from there. Wouldn't it be cool to meet for real?


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