Hoot, Hollor and Howl

Please Please Please
put on your Depends
and pop over to visit with Serenity.
She was so lovely as to drag me kicking and screaming over
now she has me for life.
I have not laughed so hard in I don't know when.
Serenity is like having your mind open up and talk
without a filter!

You will so agree with her and just laugh your butt off.
I am glad as I lost 20 lbs just by loosing my butt.
Thanks Serenity!

PS. Also go see Crazee Scotts with they guest blogger, Heather from A Day with Jake! I had a grand ol time in the Walmart Parking lot today!


  1. Awww Lynette!

    What a wonderful unexpected surprise....I am so happy I finally got you over there kicking and screaming along the way! I adore your blog and love the new look! Have an awesome weekend!!

  2. Oh Lynette...You're always so awesome..thanks for the shout out to my guest poster today!! :)


Yippee! You came to talk to me. Thanks.
You know how special that makes me feel?
Like I swallowed the moon and the stars and I just shine now!