I would like to welcome Serenity and Aunt of 14 as our newest loyal fans. I have just mailed out a special apron to Aunt of 14 that she won via Juls at the Crazee Scotts. Serenity you have the name of CG's favorite show. (short lived but was great) Serenity says "I am not myself anymore and I am trying to find me again." So should we all go out and look for her. We can start by a quick jump and visit to her site.

I hope that everyone is taking the time to visit each other. Learn who you are. And enter the Reader's Appreciation GIVE AWAY . I know that Juls was able to visit Captain Dumbass. He says they are "Village of the Damned meets Sesame Street." He is a hoot! Oh and that Nessa plans on stalking Juls too!

So who is your fav fan here? Are you going to win the Spring Blossoms bath set? What do you want to see next? Share with me and let's have some fun! Do you know how much time it takes to get all of these links in a post?????? Pant Paant Pant!


  1. What a wonderful and unexpected welcome...Thank you so much! Thanks for sending out a search party!! :-D I am loving your blog.

  2.'ing @ pant..pant..pant. You're a nut! I think a "Comment queen" blog is right up your alley.. :)


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