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I love shoes! Do you?

I share my love of shoes with my mom and my CG.
We have so many--honest!
I have over 40 pairs of shoes! My CG is about the same. And my MOM!!!!
OMG--she has at least (and no kidding) 80 pairs of shoes. (Let's not get into purses.)

So your not going to be surprised that I was thrilled to go looking online for dance shoes. CG was looking for the costume department for some affordable ones. Now most girls will provide their own. But if your going for a uniform look then you have to supply them. Thank goodness they did not need to find shoes for all the people in West Side Story.

As I was perusing through sites, I was ooohhhhhing and aaaahhhhing at so many. I swear I drool. If you think this is odd then let's not talk about vintage dishes. So what is your passion? Or is that indulgence.

I think I need some Dance Shoes too!
You should know there is always time to dance!

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