Jill of all Trades

Did you know that one of the things I do around here is run an answering service.


A regular Jill of all Trades is what I am. But in making ends meet I have several hats I wear. And one is of phone operator. This is how I pay for our phone and internet bill. So it is pretty important for me! You know I love to blog!

Any way, my plumber, that I answer the phone for, is looking for new advertising. I told him I would look around at what it would be for him to have his own web site. I found many. But this one Atlanta Plumber seemed pretty straight forward. A pretty clear site, concise and has some good information out there. I think I will talk to Nessa and see how to get one set up like this Atlanta Plumber.

So what hats do you wear? Do you think of all the jobs you do? I know that today I am also going to running the Mary's antique store. Heck I also do maid service at Mary's B & B. Hummmm, I am the school "car" driver for Nessa in the mornings. My Mom does the afternoon run. This morning I took DH's boss to work at 5:00 a.m. since she is still without wheels too! Dang, I do not always think of all the hats we wear.

Well guess it is time to start answering the phones for the plumber too!


  1. Okay just trying this out to see if I got it or not. Hopefully it will work.

  2. Okay well for some reason it signed me in as a guest so I am gonna keep on trying till I get it right. lol


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