Trips that are Original

Next week I will be doing the adult "Spring Break" with one of my good friends. Jules is always so cautious in all she does. She is going to rent a car to be reassured hers would not have something happen and leave us stranded. She locks her car and checks all the doors, twice to be sure she has locked all of them. And she puts her money on a prepaid MasterCard so nothing happens to her own checking accounts.

Jules lives in a world where she is forever double checking on things. She carries her keys on a necklace around her neck. Jules would never consider missing the date she is to have her oil checked. And whenever she travels, Jules carries a prepaid credit card and leaves her personal cards at home.

I know that Jules is ADD. She double checks and watches her pennies. It is her way to be reassured. Jules makes sure that she will not lose her own debit card any time she travels. A prepaid debit card will be in her wallet to pay for her hotel stays and gasoline. This is her double check on budgets. This way only what she plans on spending on travel will be used.

It is different doing a trip with Jules. But it is always original and an adventure. I am looking forward to our trip. We will be seeing a play, shopping in some of our favorite organic stores and hearing original music in an eerily beautiful environment.

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