My Sweet Babes

Since I have my GrandBabes here, I thought I would show them off.
First is my Grandson, LLL. He is 10 months old and weighs in at a whopping 20 lbs.
He is our very own "Chunk LaFunk"!

Our precious Granddaughter, TK, is now 4 yrs old.
She has the most arresting eyes. (same as her mother)
But here she is showing off her ALIEN GREEN tongue.

LLL has the most adorable lil bow of a mouth while he naps.
It was a nice quiet moment of the day.
I hope that tonight is as quiet.

TK is throwing her signs here as our very own Princess.
You do notice her "Baton Scepter".
Of course the feather boas, lace gloves and dress up jewels are a daily outfit.


  1. they are beautiful!!! you are so blessed!!! what a little bruiser he is and she is a totally adorable!!! you must have such a hard time not spoiling them to pieces!!! xoxox.... annie

  2. Love these pics! I've got an 11 1/4-month-old grandson -- they are so precious at this age. Enjoy, and thanks for sharing.


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