Swan Princess

Did any one else love watching The Swan? Where they take two women and do a total make over on them with plastic surgery, dental work, diet and exercise. You spend months away from home. And you have two brand new people come out of it. Amazing differences! I was enthralled by the show and the idea of being "beautiful".

I am in my 40's and way past the time that my body is going to greatly change. Of course everything has taken a downward droop too. If I was going to do a total makeover I would start with the top. I would have to have Breast Enlargement Advice. Not that I need them larger, just where they belong. I know, I know! TMI!

But doesn't everyone have some fantasy of how they would change something. I remember as a lil girl I wanted to have pink hair and bright blue eyes. Now as a woman I just want things to look like they are suppose to. Well since I am not a Swan, I guess I just have to keep on exercising.

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  1. Oh these are SUPER cute! How adorable! Thanks for entering my contest. Hmmm, my favorite? Hard to say! I would really like to win one of the Target or Amazon gift cards. We have started cloth diapering, and those would allow me to buy some new fluff!!


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