Sleep Come Softly

Sleep come softly,
Encompass me with loving arms.
Wrap me in dreams of wonder.
Leading me down to depths of rest
I have yet to find.


GrandBabe LLL slept like a, well a baby last night.
Nonnie and Poppie did not.
After several nights of up and down for me and CG, I decided to put the lil one in bed with us.
Worked great for the lil one.
He did not wake all night.
But I am not able to stay on my side all night with my arm curled around my lovely GrandBabe.
Poppie and I both froze as all the covers ended up in the middle of the bed.
Between bouts of Poppie snoring and doggies repositioning themselves, I was able to work a great crick in my back.
GrandBabe did sleep all night.


  1. So glad Triple L slept last night! After all the sleeping you said he did yesterday, I was afraid y'all were in for a wild night!

    Sorry you didn't get much shut eye!

    Did y'all watrch the movie yet? If so, I hope you didn't totally hate it.

  2. Hey, just wanted to say you spelled your name wrong. LOL

    Lynnette Labelle


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