Home Sweet Home

Every time I turn on the TV, look at the newspaper or log online I see more and more distressing news about the economy. I am with everyone else here worried about bills and what the future holds. I think will my house be safe? My lien holder lives in England. Will that afford me any extra protection against foreclosure if times get harder?

I know that there is a glut of real estate owned foreclosures at this time. And if you have the funds it is a land slide to purchase. Of course many of us are just trying to hold on to what we currently have. If you are in the market then you can do a search of free REO Foreclosures. It is a free way to find investment property in the area you live in. I know that there are many shows about turning property around. And when the market is low then it is perfect time to purchase. And with this economy it is good news that this is a Free Foreclosures service (as in no fee for the search).

In the meantime I am holding on tight to what we have. Praying that jobs stay as they are. And that if times are harder that we will be spared. I also pray that all of my bloggy friends also come through this time as unscathed as possible.


  1. It is definitely tough- Thanks for the sunshine you gave me when I got your package in the mail! It was so fun- thank you!

  2. even my 15 year old is reminding me ... we're in a recession, mommy. its always darkest before the dawn :).

  3. I think things are going to get a lot worse but hopefully we will all come through it just fine. One thing we have going for us is that we don't have a lot of credit cards and if we can't pay cash for it we don't get it. How many people can actually say that? I know you are in the same boat as us and I think we are going to come through just fine. I am thinking optimistically. Love ya,


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