CG Favorite Thing

I asked CG what she was most looking forward to during her Spring Break. And her reply was TV! You see she does not have a TV with her this semester in her dorm. She did the first time she was there but they did not have satellite available to them there. She found that she did not watch much TV with what they provided. So coming home for a week she is hoping to catch up on some of her favorite shows.

CG likes what TV offers. Her favorite channel is Bravo for the design and cooking shows they have. Next is the SciFi channel. I know that she hopes to find a Top Chef marathon so she can watch all of this last season.

I know that here it is the last thing I have as a luxury. I think that in cutting my budget I just do not want to lose TV. It is not that I watch it all the time but I do have so much of my evenings alone. And my mom says she can not sleep without it on. DH likes that we have games on through our TV. And when he comes in late at night it is something that helps him unwind before bed. So I guess during this economy we will scrimp and keep it in our budget.


  1. We recently dropped cable from our list of luxuries that we don't need. We usually only watch TV series on DVD anyways, I can't abide the commercial breaks, and we both cannot wait a whole week to find out what comes next. It does mean waiting until the end of the season to get caught up, but that's okay. In the meantime, we don't have the TV on filling the void anymore. Benefits: we talk to each other more, and we get more work done without the distraction.

  2. I have cable...but no time to watch it!! lol I record most the shows I want to watch on our DVR...and eventually get to them.

    Suddenly working full time has re-arranged all my free time. ack.


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