Wearing Red and Having my Bacon too!

In search of ways to promote Go Red for women today I have found a new item.
First I want to be able to wear red today but would love to have this to put on:
or at least these:
Well, since I don't have either I guess I just have to put on my red blouse and my fun red tennis shoes. Now I am all ready to:

Join with millions of women, as well as companies, organizations and cities across America on National Wear Red Day, Friday, Feb. 6, 2009. By wearing red and making a donation, you'll help the American Heart Association support ongoing research and education about women and heart disease.

But speaking of heart disease. Who would want to order this in a club?

Telluride, CO is a place where bacon holds a special place in the hearts of many, and the home of a bourbon drink that features a slice of bacon dangling out of the glass like a garnish called the Mitch Morgan.

I could not fathom this drink at all. First I do not like bourbon and then to hang out bacon on it. It seemed just what the doctor did not order.

But I do like bacon! And then I stumbled on to this.

Baconnaise and Bacon Salt are two new products that give you the flavor of bacon but not the heart issues.
You could pick up some Baconnaise and give your cardiologist a break. It does come in regular or lite and has lower fat than placing bacon on a sandwich itself.

You never know what your going to find next. I am still looking for that one hot red dress for a plus size like me. LOL I am checking out Nessa's WII Fit and also Curves so maybe it won't have to be a plus size after awhile?

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  1. omg i feel the sludge building in my arteries as my eyes glaze over!!! happy go-red day to you!!! i love the shoes and the dress!!!!


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