Do You Advertise?

I was curious as to how many SAHM's are using their blogs to help supplement their income? Are you one? How do you do it. Is it in advertising for your Etsy store? Or do you do some of the ways to advertise on blogs? Have you done Ebay or Craigs List? Do you write reviews on your blog? I have seen reviews of products here. And I know of some who do book reviews too.

I understand staying here in front of this computer makes you wonder how can one use it to help. Especially in this economic upheaval. I have looked at several different avenues and keep playing with ideas on an at home business. What business do you run? Do you show that you are being paid for the post? How?
Like this:

Or do you put in badges and buttons? How about your at home stores, are you able to tell your readers about them? When they drive through town unexpected visits show up at your counters.

I know I have looked for specials and coupon codes as ways to save money thus stretching what I already have. And there are some who have told about upcoming seminars and talks they are having at different places too. They seem to be willing to share with others and we all assume it will help them financially if we are able to attend and find products or services we can use. But how hidden are the paying post or the blogs that advertise? Should we have to pretend they are not out there? Or can we be open and say "Hey we think you might like this product. Check it out!"

What is your opinion? How do you like seeing advertising on your favorite blogs. Do you pay attention? And what is the criteria you look for in order to do further research into a product or service you see on someone else's blog?


  1. i dont mind advertising for etsy and other personally made items - like books the person's written or art the person's done - but i DO mind national google type ads... they take forever to load.

  2. I would love to hear what more people have to say on this- I have been thinking about it lately. Let us know what you decide.

  3. It's all so confusing and what I've found so far isn't too earth shattering. I do know some bloggers are making okay money by advertising on their blog, but it's not a ton of money.

  4. I don't benefit financially from any of my blogging. I do book reviews because I love to read and like to share. I plug my friends products that I use so I guess they may benefit financially. I just blog about it because I love their products and services.
    I like to read about what people are excited about weather it is a new book or a new homemade soap - I don't want to see national ads in my blogs though.

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