Rough Week

It is a harder week here for me.

Not hungry and very sleepy.

One of those "times of the month" when I am out of energy.

You ladies have all been there, so I know you understand.

This weekend will be quiet.

CG has a play at school so she will not be home.

DH has to work this weekend too.

My Mom will be leaving town for the weekend too.

Just me and the pets mostly.

So what do you suggest I do?

Clean? Read? Sleep? Go for a drive, walk or outing? Do my nails and bubble bath?

You advise and I will do the most popular thing-----Okay?

My weekend is in your hands.


  1. sleep, read, sleep, bubble bath, read, sleep... repeat :)

  2. I always use weekends like this to read, watch bad tv movies and indulge myself in activities that no one else in the family likes.

    Mainly a "for me" weekend.

    You should too.

  3. Do the one thing that truely makes YOU happy whatever that may be. Enjoy your own company. Indulge and pamper yourself - you desrve it!


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