Time to Pay the Piper

Well today is Pay the Bills day.

I hate this day every month. It is the hardest day for me. Not that I don't won't to pay. But that there is never enough money. I am sure y'all understand.

And with my CG away at school and DH working two jobs to support his kids it just seems that I am here alone struggling with the bills. I have wondered about Debt Cosolidation but don't know what all could be worked down to a smaller fee or amount. And of course your regular bills don't fit there either.

We don't have credit cards and the such. Just the ol fashion gotta pay the mortgage and hope there is money left for a tank of gas type life.

So how do you handle this day? Do you do it? Or does the spouse? Is it with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee? A little each week or all at one time? And are you ready for taxes next?????? Oh no!


  1. Hubby & I share bill paying duty. He pays the bills like the mortgage & electric that can be paid right at the bank on Friday when he cashes his paycheck. I take care of all the online ones & anything else that's local (like the car insurance). Unfortunately not everything is due at the same time so we have several "bill paying days".

  2. for years during my first marriage and then as a single mother i used to DREAD pay-the-bill days. my ex was a compulsive spender... i think he's finally enrolled in debtors anonymous or whatever that group is. it was HORRIBLE. as a single mom i remember having less than thirty dollars left to see me through til the next pay day - which was always in say... two weeks. then i married Beloved - and he saw how stressed i got, and he finally said... honey... i'll do it. and he does. he puts money into an account for me to run the house on and i don't worry any more about the bills. but i know your pain and i will light a candle for you tody that abundance and prosperity flow your way :)

  3. I LOVE Dollar stores...I would be LOST without them I also LOVE targets lil dollar area a huge life saver for my for stocking stuffers

    happy Birthday to your aunt and friend


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