Do you $$ Store?


I am considering a Dollar Store Giveaway.

I know it does not sound exciting at all. But we almost all shop here. The economy calls for it. So how does a box of toys from the dollar store sound. How about a box that is guaranteed to have at least 25 different toys in it. And I make it from infant to around 8 year old range of items. Of course both boy and girl items.

Okay, okay! I will put a lil something in there for you too. Not fancy but maybe some of those things we just need or use items.

Any takers???????


  1. we dont have any dollar stores around here i know of :(... we do have an odd lots store... not really a dollar store cause they have stuff like furniture and rugs./.. would that count? :)

  2. Yeah and like Dollar Generals, Family Dollar, Big Lots that kind of thing. I have the idea and the way to do this just don't know if would have any takers?

  3. I love myself some dollar store shopping!


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