It Started off Small?

Today is my Aunt's birthday. Tomorrow is a good friends day too. And of course there is Valentine's day coming up. So my mind is thinking about parties on the frugal end.
How to celebrate Kids Birthday Ideas or Valentine's Day Dinner or even the NO Day Party! (This was one of my mom-in-laws things, a "no day" gift. I loved them).

So what would be my idea of a good frugal party that would work? Well it would have to be pot luck for the food cost to be low. How about a bring a gift to the party to help someone else out? Like everyone brings something to donate to the local hospital children's unit or teddy bears for police and ambulance to give to scared lil ones. (Sounds good there)

Ok so we have a cause and food to eat. Decorations would be next. Of course if it is nice an outside party seems to work best. No constraints on moving around and having space for people to congregate. But wouldn't a block party be neater? Oh lets go grand and have a city wide party at the park. All be willing to do different cookouts on that day. Park be open to all and have plenty of places for the kiddos to run and play too. I bet local churches and singing groups would help with entertainment and drink stands. Hummm, this idea is growing.

Party for the town to help the kids. That seems to be a ticket there. Time for me to place this thinking cap in a few more hands. I am off to call the Chamber of Commerce and get to work.......will let you know when the party is!


  1. i'll be expecting my invite!!! ;) thanks for your comment on my angel way part 8 post... you are so right!!! i responded... check back for more if you wish...

  2. Sounds like a good party- maybe after it warm up? (It is my sister's birthday today too!)

  3. You could do a service scavenger hunt, where you have a list of quick chores you can do for others and race as to who gets to find neighbors willing to be "served".

    My mother-in-law is really good at celebrating just for the heck of celebrating.

  4. that sounds like a great idea
    service scavenger hunt
    gotta tell that to the chamber too!


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