Tagged Again

I was tagged by Willow Lake Scents.
So, here's the deal ~ I have to post 25 random things about myself.
Then I tag 5 others to do the same.
Here goes:

1. My nick-name is Tuzy
2. My name is not Lynette (well not my first name).
3. My hair has been fifth element orange, Ariel red, Popsicle pink, baby blue and Tarleton purple all in one summer. (after I was 40 yrs old)
4. My toes curl under.
5. My eyes change colors from vivid blue to smokey grey to dark green.
6. I have been married 3 times and both of my ex's have lived with me and my next husband. ie: ex #1 lived with me and hubby #2 and then ex #2 lived with me and hubby #3 (current and last).
7. I have never been thin!
8. I am a whole alphabet--OCD, PTSD, Bi-Polar and Chronic Depression. (NUTS)
9. I am a Leo and a Rabbit (so is my daughter--a Rabbit).
10. I am addicted to coffee and chocolate.
11. I knew my daughter 8 years before I gave birth to her. (Don't ask... just know)
12. I am a city girl living in a country world and adapting.
13. I am always in charge and truth be known I hate it.
14. I am almost always sad. Even when I am happy.
15. I have always had a boyfriend, date or spouse but have lived alone too.
16. I have been know (years ago) to have 3 dates in one day.
17. I have been a child care worker, professional photographer, corporate business woman and a warehouse worker. I cover the gambit in jobs.
18. I am now on disability and not allowed to work. (And I miss it very much)
19. My favorite food is Sushi.
20. My favorite thing to do is cuddle with CG.
21. My husband treats me like the Queen of his home, a girlfriend when out, a friend while with others and a lover when alone. Who could ask for more.
22. I love love love love baths and yet do not get many anymore. Tub too small.
23. I only snore when I sleep on my back and I seldom sleep on my back. (Hubby says so)
24. I make a very loyal friend.
25. I try and most often always see the good in people and trust first.

Humm, well that was boring. Oh well. That was my tag. Now I tag:


  1. Thanks for taggin' me. It was fun. That was the first time to be tagged and I enjoyed it.


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