Valentine Dreaming

I was Valentine Dreaming.
Wondering what I would pick out if I was to receive a Surprise at the door?

I know we all say that we don't look for flowers.
But you feel so pampered when they arrive.
Knowing that your the only one that is loved so much by your own special person.

Also do we buy flowers for the men in our life?
If so, what kind?

All of this had me daydreaming.

So I skipped over to Valentine's Gifts.
I started to figure out what kind of flowers would I want.
If I was looking to describe myself would it be with roses, daisies or even a bird of paradise?

Am I a lil' bit traditional?
And would I want a living plant?
If so maybe these mini roses would do the trick.

Or do I just like all the goodies instead.
And a tower of candies with a cuddly teddy would do?

I think I could fall for this abundance of flowers.
I don't think I could count all the many flowers in this arrangement.
But they sure are spectacular.

Or a non conformist in the blue posies instead.
Of course, the lil huggy bear sure does do the trick too.

Who goes wrong with traditional red roses?
Especially if accompanied by Godiva chocolates.

I really like these but I think that I would like to have a surprise more.
To see what my honey does?
I am sure it won't be flowers.

But a girl can dream.

Well what would you pick out?
For who?
And what are your "love" day's traditions?


  1. You've been TAGGED ! Stop by my blog & check it out ! I still need your snail mail ~ your email had your fave things but no mailing address ~ lol. Mmmmm Godiva chocolates, save me some ~ lol.

  2. i love the blue - i'd send it to Beloved ... he loves to get flowers... i sent him flowers after our first date - it was a really amazing first date - new years in manhattan - drinks, dinner, taxis, hotel (two rooms he paid for both) breakfast, parking he well deserved flowers at lest and he was totally dazzled and HOOKED ... though, actually, he was already ;).

  3. Love those beautiful flowers for Valentines Day... These red roses with sweet little chocolate box are looking fantastic...


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