Well I took it easy last night and just nibbled on candies while playing games online. And today I was off and running with cohort Nessa. She joined me at Curves and then treated me to lunch out. How I enjoyed. I know I kept her from doing her daily housework and should be beat with a wet noodle for it. But it was lovely to have the sun shining on us and to do a girls day out. After lunch we stalked a local antique mall and found some wonderful deals. I even found my gifts for my DH and CG for Valentine's Day. Thanks Nessa for the loan to get them. I will giving you your money back tomorrow. (yeah I got out without my wallet)

Tomorrow I want to start my routine of being more organized and efficient. Hoping to get more done around here. At least better at it. My DH laughed and asked if he had to do any of it. I said "No, of course not!" Nessa says that I could not get more organized but I know I can do a better job of things. I am adapting "Flylady" to my own home. Do you fly?

What kind of things do you struggle with? Me, myself? Personal care. It seems if I am to take care of something for someone else--great! But as far as I go--hummm-well, I tend to just over look myself. Going as far as hardly ever even looking in a mirror at myself. I can brush my teeth and hair and never look up. Amazing isn't it?

I also want to be better about cleaning the areas I miss. Like the baseboards, ceiling fans and door jams. They always look so grungy. I am good at a quick spit and a polish but look just a bit more and you would say "What does she do all day?" So I m putting myself on a schedule and seeing if it works just a bit better.

How do you do it all? What are your down falls? How have your achieved your goals in caring for your home? ANY SUGGESTIONS?


  1. well, i don't do it all, that's for sure. i tend to forget about myself, too... i dont go out much and i like to be comfortable so comfy sweats works for me most of the time. i handled that by dividing my body up into zones, too, so to speak and giving myself a schedule. now i wash my hair every other day, shave on sundays and thursdays, do nails on mondays... see what i mean? sat is a "spa" day. i give myself a minifacial or some sort of special treatment (like i bribe my kids for a foot rub LOL) if you'd like me to send you the spreadsheet i developed that breaks down my routine, i'd be happy to send it to you if you think it would help you.

  2. AND OH!!!! you DID!!!! get the most entries... not only have you not missed a post, you sent the most people who commented and became followers!!!! so congrats toyou... you get a signed copy of silver's lure :)))))!!!! send me your snail mail address again, please??


    Annie you know how to make me so happy! Thank you way way way much.

  4. Yes, I totally need to organize a bit better. I bought a new cabinet for my sewing crafts, so hopefully when that comes I can get everything in it's place. :)


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