Remembering One Who Has Past

I went to a funeral of a family friend this week. And I had mixed emotions as most do. I was sadden for his wife left here without her partner anymore. And I also was rejoiced that he was no longer in the pain he had been suffering. You know how hard it is to have your feelings sway back and forth in a troubling time.

My DH is the Commander of our local AmVets chapter. Our dear friend was also a member there too. So we needed to send flowers to the family from the AmVets. I started looking up what to do and came up with a dilemma. I could do a traditional basket of flowers like this and send a card. Sad thoughts for me is that the flowers do also wilt and die. So they are a temporary remembrance.

Or I could also send a plant instead. Many people like plants because they can keep them in memory of the person they have lost. I know I have done that myself. I enjoyed tending to the plant and talking to it as if my lost love could hear me.

But I also found out that you could send food baskets. I had not ever thought of that. And I like the idea of having something to sustain you while your at the point of not caring. After a funeral most people are not wanting to cook or even eat. But with fresh fruit right there it is possible they may use it to help them along.

I presented all the ideas to my DH and he chose a plant from the AmVets. But I also plan on sending a fruit basket to the house to help her along.

What do you do to remember people who have past? How do you express your condolences?


  1. I like the fruit basket, too.

    I'm so sorry for your loss.

  2. Thank you. He was a fine gentleman and I loved his beautiful smile that was always in his eyes.

  3. Sorry about your loss. I think the fruit basket is a wonderful idea.

  4. Sorry about your loss. I think the fruit basket is a wonderful idea.

  5. my hubby's jewish and it is traditional for jewish people to send fruit or food baskets, not flowers. i like the idea of sending both, and i like the idea of the plant, too... next summer im planning to visit my grandmother's grave ad plant rosemary... that's for remembrance, you know :)


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