Who Am I?

I read a blog the other day that was saying how our surroundings detailed who we were. Well I can't disagree with that.
It got me to thinking more about what is around me.
And more important why.
I know I surround myself with those things that I love the most.

I am sure that is true of the majority of people.

So here is who I am but what is around me.

One I am home all the time.
I do not work elsewhere and go out rarely.

So the best thing of each day is this!

My DH coming home from work.
He works two jobs and most of the time 7 days a week.
I get very little time with him.
So the time he is home is precious to me.
He always kisses me good bye and hello.
Never fails to tell me he loves me every time we talk.
Weather it be on the phone or just from running an errand and back.

Next is my greatest joy in my life.

CG is the soul of my soul!
She is what has been my focus for 21 years and will continue for the rest of my life.
I could not ask for a better daughter.
CG is always there for me.
Loving me, laughing me (and at) me and sharing in the good and bad.
She has been my reason for living and my goal for growing.
I adore her and will always be her #1 fan.

Then I have some amazing friends across the street.
The ever active boy who reminds me of Alfred E. Newman of Mad Magazine.
He is about as mischievous.

The cutie pie of the bunch.
She is a fellow bibliophile. (look it up)
And her effervescence lights up a room.

And of course,
My good friend, partner in crime and fellow blogger!
I simply adore this woman.

Their home that I see every day from my front porch and windows.
I love all the rock work around it.

And my home sweet home!
This is our lil country abode.
It is almost 100 years old and may be broken down to most.
But I love the large front porch, 9 foot ceilings and the "at home" feeling it has.

This is where we hang out and have coffee, wine and chat about this and that.
Now for the inside.
I wish I could say it was as fancy as my favorite Tea Set.
It was a Christmas gift that I treasure.
It has the grace that I have always felt inside that I believe has never shown on the outside.
On my dresser has some of the couple figures that me and DH collect.
And my favorite book of Cinderella?
My DH is my Prince Charming.
And we collect these couple figures to celebrate that a couple we are now and always.
Here is my view from kitchen window.
I adore seeing the horsey swing that my granddaughter and CG's sissy loves to play on.
And my lil knick knacks that only I could explain why they mean anything.
Coffee Central is my favorite part of my kitchen.
I adore, love and worship my coffee.
Sweet and light with all kinds of flavors.

I also love natural sunlight in my home.
And the beautiful plants my Mom grows ever so well.
I do not have the green thumb.
She tends to them and enjoys seeing them thrive and bloom.
Can you believe these are looking so good in January?

Okay, I collect stuff.
Mostly oldish? (is that a word)
This is my dining room wall.
Knick Knacks all around.
Old bottles, cookie jars and just a general "country at grandma's" feel.

And most of all.
You see this in my home.
Everywhere (if you noticed)
Of my family, friends and loved ones.
Old and new.
Young and young at heart.
I surround myself with pictures of those that I adore.
Who adore me.
And who came before.

So who am I?

A family oriented woman.
A wife and mother.
A friend.
A heart that sings inside and is quiet on the outside?
A down to earth person.

What is your opinion?


  1. You have a lot to be thankful for!

  2. Your right I do!
    And I am thankful for all aspects of my life. Yes even the crazy funk parts!

  3. Ya know, you could've called first and said "Hey Nessa, why don't you put on some make up!" You must know I love ya because I do not let people take my pic...especially not to post on the internet, but I haven't came over and beat you up ...yet.

  4. Nessa,
    You know I adore you!

  5. What a lovely post, it really gives an insight into your happy life. I share with you the walls of family piccies and knick-knacks.

  6. Thank you for sharing. Your love for your family and friends shines through all of your posts. Blessings!

  7. What treasures!! Your family is beautiful.

    I especially love your porch. I've always wanted a red adirondack chair and a screened porch.

  8. You and I could be a very dangerous shopping/insomniac pair. I think I could go broke shopping at midnight. That is why my husband makes me go to sleep before him.

  9. Those are wonderful things... I'd love a big front porch and plants that aren't dead.

  10. Hey Lynette, I'm just archive hoppin' I love that you have suggested readings under each post... I love this. How "homey" is your little home. And I'm crackin' up @ Nessa up there...she's hilarious.... I thought she looked adorable!


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