Shopping the Night Away

Well here it is 4 a.m. again. And I am awake again. I am back in the can't sleep pattern. I am not sure why it crops up but I will have to start back on sleep medication to reverse it.

So what does one do online at 4 a.m.? Surf! Right.

Well I do and did and found that you can find offers and coupon codes for many online stores. And that there are many clearance sales going on too. And I even found ffree e-cards too. You know how many you can send in the middle of the night??? Think I am going to find out.

Happy Sleeping to the rest of Y'all.


  1. It's nice to know that we all shop when we should be sleeping...

  2. Sorry you had another sleepless night. I was hoping you'd stay away from those for awhile.

  3. oh my sleepless nights are the worst. have you tried warm milk and honey and sex? :)

  4. Ok, then the answer was not to eat but to have sex and sleep. LOL

    No have not tried milk, honey or sex for sleep.

    Have tried milk with the honey to get sex. LOL

  5. Sorry you couldn't sleep, but yes it's amazing the coupons you can find out there isn't it!


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