Time To Renew

Well I am into my second week at Curves. And already they have a "Time to Renew".
No, not fees or membership. But time to renew a promise to ourselves. Time to renew our determination. Time to renew our image of ourselves. Time to.....you fill in the blank. I like that the owner tries to have fun things for us to do. Last Friday was school spirit day. You dress in any school name or colors and you get a "Curves Buck". A coupon to use at a later date for goodies. This week we will get one for with our renewal forms. Later this week we will play "bingo" while exercising. All things for fun.

Some of the fun things to get on the back wall.

Well this renewal has a form to fill out. We are to list all the food we eat for a week. Oh no! After yesterday being so sad and pigging out on donuts.

Well, I did it. Ok, so what. I am not going to beat myself up on it. Some days are better than others. The weekly menu is so we are aware of what we are doing. I can go with that. I need some awareness. I need some resolve. I need some energy. And maybe I will get some more as I exercise this week.

So what would be your idea of renewal? What would you want to focus on? How would you? Wanna fill out my meals for me?????? Ha Ha!


  1. I keep a food journal. It helps me stay on track. That doesn't always mean I eat the healthiest food choices but I try unless their is a cheesecake in the house but, I reason that is good for me - it's dairy afterall. Don't beat yourself up. Take pride in all the things you've accomplished. And thanks for your support on my journey. It means a lot.

  2. I've just started the food journal again. It usually helps me because I think "Do I want to eat this enough to write it down?" But then the glass stove top got broken and that rounded out a perfect fast food fat glut day. Oh well, pass the Krispy Kremes.

  3. Sounds nice! I'm ready for the warm, but I know once it gets hot again I'll be wishing for the cold. :)


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