Too Early To. . . Care

Good Morning
Happy Saturday!

Well It is 6 am and I am up for no apparent reason. I know it is the normal time I am up during the week. But it would be nice to sleep in just once in a while. All is quiet back in my Mom's area so I will start with the hammer just yet.

Today I am getting to

Rip up Tack Board and Lay Tile

I would much rather doing this instead.
This is my long lanky adorable CG contemplating life up in a tree.
Actually this is her not showing fear up in a tree.
She is terrified of any heights.
But doesn't this look like the place to be.
Warm, green and surrounded by nature.


  1. that is such a beautiful scene and she looks so at home in it... i was up at five!!!

  2. Beautiful photos! I love the yellow flowers. And that tree is awesome!

  3. I remember when that pic was taken, although I don't remember this one being taken. Sneaky camera operator. ;) Such an awesome tree. :)


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