CG strapped for College Cash

My lovely CG is like all college kids. Strapped for that lovely green stuff. She moved to the dorms this semester so that increased her cost in housing and meal plans. Thus giving her less to purchase books with. We did find some web sites where she could purchase some books at a much reduced cost than the school book store. And even where we could rent some books for just the semester. But there is one she has to purchase at the school store and is not able to resale back. This of course has her really bummed.
We have looked as all families do into different ways to finance college. And especially for free scholarships and grants. Who does not like free money? In doing so I have ran across free college scholarships. We have found many sites that will give you list of scholarships and grants available. And others that have contest to enter to win. Many different things.
But mostly we have had to rely on her guaranteed government grants and school loans to get her by. What creative ways have you found to help alleviate the cost of school? Do you know of different avenues?


  1. There's always stripping. hehe

    Just kidding.



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