Home Is Where the Heart Is

I was reading a blog by a distant "cousin by marriage" yesterday. And her son is moving into a new house this month. I was interested when I saw it was in the town I lived in before I moved to C-town. I loved living there. The schools were some of the best in the state. I had a home church there that was my family for all purposes. I had a nice new home (the likes I had never lived in before). There was the best bakery ever there too. And all my friends were 30 minutes away from me.

I know, I know! Your wondering why I ever moved to begin with. Well that is another long long blog. Not today. But the memories of the area had flooded over me. The desire to go back "home" is never far from me. So I started looking at what the lowest price in the area would be for a home. (It was a quiet area before and has grown a lot since) I found a site Austin Real Estate. Now I was not looking specific for Austin Real Estate. But I found I could use this site and search all of the Austin Texas and D/FW Texas areas. And when I saw that houses in the area I use to call home where 3 to 5 times more than what I am paying for my very old quaint and charming house now. Well, I decided that Home is Where the Heart is. And my Heart lives here.


  1. congrats to your winner!!! i cant believe i got the most entries LOLOL how funny IS that? to answer your question - i believe that we tend to reincarnate with the same people over and over again, working through various challenges nd relationships until we have no more to learn from each other. i, too, felt connections ot my four bio children in my teens - i knew there were going to be four of them - i just thought they were all going to be girls. three of them were, so i guess i was more right than wrong! i totally believe you have been wiht your daughter before - probably not as mother and daughter in your current configuration, but possibly - and that you ahd a premonition she was coming. it is also possible that she is hte reincarnation fo someone you knew in your own present family, who died around that time and let you know they were "coming back." i believe that we are interconnected in some way and that the dance of souls across the ages is as complex and complicated as the cell division or the birth and death of stars...

  2. it's so nice to remember our homes of past I have places I've never lived but just driving into town makes you feel at home

  3. home is where the heart is...I can so relate to this post being 38 I still get giddy when i go back to the farm where my papa and ena live-it;s where i grew up,where all my childhood memories are-it has a certain smell,feel that is unlike any other


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