Saturday Plans

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Well I am not taking pictures of where I received two shots at yesterday. LOL Are you not glad! Yes I went ahead and went to the Doctor. Not to common for me. But was afraid that if I waited til Monday when the office would be open again that I would be in emergency before that. My throat was really closing up on me and an ear ache was well on its way to a major throbbing. So now I have some super antibiotics and a cough syrup that has lots of things in it. Honestly who can pronounce the names of these things. Let's just call them what they are. Make me feel better pills and soothes the throat syrup. Works for me.

Now what is up for today. Since I can get up and move around better I plan on posting the banana bread recipe for Captain Dumbass (actually his wife) and hope they have a lovely breakfast soon. Easy recipe!

Then I plan on catching up on my checkbook and bills. I hate this day every month. I have dyslexia and have to add, re add and re add to get it right. Gives me major anxiety and headaches.

And next I wish to move some things in the dining room, pull up tack board, lay tiles and have my new cabinet moved in. My CG made it for me before Christmas. And it has been on my front porch waiting to come inside. It will take 2-4 men to move it. Yes it is that heavy. Well since we have all been sick, doing holidays and working too much (depends on who you are), we have not had the ability to get the cabinet in the house. If all goes well I will have pictures of it on here soon.

Next I need to make a really good dinner. My hubby is going on his 20th day of working in a row. Yes, I did say 20 days. And he has been ill during this time. I have been under the weather too so again dear CG has been picking up major slack. Well one of her best friends is coming in for college for a week to stay with us. It is time for CG to have some fun. So I need a good meal for my hubby and then can tuck him into bed. He only has 6 more days to go before he may have a day off. I know, I know! It does me no good to let him know he will be working 26 days in a row. This is why when he does have a day off all he does is sleep for the complete day. Working from 6 a.m. to 4:30 p.m and again from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. is not an easy schedule for anyone. And of course he does not always leave at 10 p.m. 12 1/2 hours a day is not always what he gets. Most of the time it is more! Ok you now know this is my sore spot. Sorry for the rant. Guess it is bothering me again.

So tell me what are your weekend plans?

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  1. you're SICK and you're planning on doing all THAT? im going back to bed... im exhausted just reading all that !!!!!

  2. Wow, what do you do when you're feeling well? I hope your husband gets more than one day off after 26.

  3. Goodness, my travel-bleery mind can't handle this long post and information overload! lol We just drove back home from Austin, where we've been visiting the inlaws for a few days.

    I've enjoyed trade days around here for some good deals. And our farmer's market.


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