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"OOPs one other thing, this shop at home thing is a bunch of bull, have you ever noticed how many people that advertise in the shop at home page in the CC (local paper) that are in the big box stores? Well I have and there is a lot to be said about that! The chamber, sec and directors even shop big at Sams and Wal Mart as many other business owners here do, but I will not mention them" from a local bulletin board

My response!
*note: We are a small town that is 2 miles by 2 miles in size. We do not have Wal-marts, CVS or Walgreens. And only one grocery store with two "dollar" stores. So pickins' are slim here. It is just a idea of know how to shop and where your money is going, in my opinion.
Well they may. But I would not know. One I do not know them personally and two would never see them. I am a firm believer in "shop at home". First this is our town and we should support it all we can. Otherwise small towns do dry up and and blow away. Look at how long Harry's (a local and large clothing store) was here and now is gone. And we do not have any competition for Brookshires anymore. (We lost the only IGA we had to compete with the one chain store) Yes some things may be higher priced. Buy the sales and stock up! Then you have it when you need it and at a good price. But there also others who are so name brand psyched that they would not dream of shopping at the dollar stores for clothes and other items. I find more good unique gifts for my family and friends at the "antique" stores through out the year than anywhere else. Talk to the people who work these stores. They will steer you to the good sales there too. No I do not buy into hype and am not the Wii generation. But I know that I also do not want to drive 60+ miles on a round trip to do my grocery or daily buying. Factor in the cost of gas (which thank God is coming down) to your bill and you may find it was better to stay right here at home to shop. Also look at the great deals around you. They are there. At Brookshires they put veggies and fruit out for $1 a bag. Yes some is not the best. But look. We often purchase fresh food this way. Go home and pick out the best, cut and freeze it. Now we have the ability to have fresh veggies to cook and not buy the lil frozen bags that cost so much more. We do the same with discounted meats. Of course you have to look at it and pick the best but you can do it. The dollar stores have sales all the time. Stock up when they do, an the daily items, so you have them when you need them. Now your not running out at the last minute to purchase something that is no longer on sale. Allsups has the best prices on milk and bread anywhere in town. And collect those milk stamps for your free gallon. Heck if your going out to eat purchase the larger order. It is only a couple of dollars more and you now have a second meal. Yeah, really! Don't eat is all and make yourself ill. Get a to-go plate at the beginning of the meal and put up half. Now you do not have to fix lunch the next day or dinner that night. Or you have lunch for a couple of small kids even. And all for a couple of dollars? (anyone can do this) And make it to these great night outs available here. .99 burger and .69 taco nights at DQ, Pizza Pro has a great deal on Monday nights. From 5:30-7:00 you can order a one topping pizza and get it for the price of the time of the phone call. Yeah! A pizza for $5.30. Great deal. Cheap food and good at the same time. The Bar-B-Que place on Austin has a great deal on chopped sandwiches. Grab up some and serve at home with some chips for a easy night of no cooking. Surprise. The hospital cafeteria is really good. Large portions as you help yourself. Great time to get a to go meal and split it with your partner or friend. Jonesing for a soda? Do a refill at Taylors for lil cost (Keep your cups) or go to Sonic for "Happy Hour". And who can beat coffee with all the local news at one of the coffee shops in the morning. You want to know what is happening? Just ask these guys. Need a night out. Go to the square and play games. Yes games. Darts, Pool, Air Hockey, Foosball and even Dominoes. We took ten dollars in quarters. And the 3 of us played games for a couple of hours. That was less then $1.50 per person per hour. Who can beat that one. (Oh and bring your own drink too!) Or set up a game night at your house for friends. Do a potluck spread and games. We do every Friday night. A different meal each week, games and time with family and friends. Don't want to host it every time? Make a roving night and let each host once a month. 4 friends = 4 houses. At Movie Visions you can get 5 movies for 5 days for $5 and can be a great weekend relief. Time to relax with the kids, do some pop corn and reconnect with each other over older flicks that you enjoyed over time. Share those same movies with your kids and grand kids. Also know that your kids can rent a free movie with each A on their report card. What a good incentive from a local business. Friends from out of town for the weekend? Go to the Vineyards and do a wine tasting. It is free. Share the museum for local history. Low cost. Yes I am all for supporting our home town. After all--we chose to live here!

Now for your local town. What do you have? Were are your favorite sales? What have you found in ways of cutting budget and still getting out of the house? Have you promoted this to others? Are you looking for alternatives? Do you have ideas to share? Please tell us and maybe we can add them on here or on your own blog!

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  1. I love supporting local, but sometimes pickings are slim, and it's harder and harder.

    But maybe I'm just not looking hard enough. :-)

  2. i shop almost exclusively at the local health food and hometown iga, but the big chain stores - shaws and stop n shop - have stuff the kids want and so i have to confess i find myself going there at least once a week. we eat out once a week - date night - and its always sad when one of our favorite restaurants closes. we dont go to the chain places - we stick to the local mom n' pops. i do buy my clothes online - i have a few places like ETSY where you can find GREAT handmade stuff. i like consignment stores too - i found a dress to wear to hubby's glitzy christmas party one year for 20 bucks!!!!!

  3. Loved your post ...

    I live way out in the country ... the closest Walmart is 20 miles away. But then again, the closest grocery store is 10 miles away going the other way.

    Witin two miles of us we have one flasing light, a tiny leave off dry cleaner, a Dairy Queen and Parrish Market. Parrish Market has been around since the early 1900's and it's where everyone in the local area fills up with gas. They also have grocery staples (milk, bread, etc) and serve lunches. It's also the only place in town with a generator and can operate when the power goes out (about 4 times a year). I always try to buy local when I can.

    As I said "going the other way" from Walmart is a small town with the large food chain, but there are some small restaurants and shops. I visit them as often as I can when I'm looking for something they may offer to fill my need.

    Happy Sunday!


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