I Can See Clearly Now

My mom is 75 now. And a couple of years ago her eye doctor told her she was forming cataracts. And now I really think it is time to look into it. At the time the doctor told her he said we had to wait til they were bad before anything would be done about it. I don't know why. Well now she does not see the digital clock in the van. And she is always saying a color is darker than it really is. I need her to go and get checked out but she will fuss about the money. New glasses cost so much. I know that we can get most of the eye exam paid for. And I think I have figured out how to circumvent the cost of the glasses.

Frames are always the most expensive part. And we need to look into cheap (frugal) eyeglasses. I found where we can now order them online. Who knew? And cooler yet they have a way to "virtually" try them on. Yeah! You can see what they would look like on you. Pretty cool huh? Also they do the bi-focal, tinted lenses, the whole nine yards. I was hoping this may be a way to get my mom back into the eye doctor.


  1. wow that sounds really cool!!! good luck with your mom's eyes... i dont think cataracts are difficult to remove these days...im sure she will appreciate clearer sight!

  2. I hope you can get her to go to the eye doctor. The way she presses her phone up almost to her nose, while driving, to see what time it is freaks me out. Don't you dare tell her I said that! :-)


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